ASMFC Spring 2024 Meeting Recap

ASMFC Spring 2024 Meeting Recap: Striped Bass Release-Mortality Work Group, Acoustic Menhaden Survey, and Cobia Draft Addendum II. Feature Photo – Captain Brian Kelley releasing a healthy bass. Arlington, May 2024—This past week, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission met for its Spring 2024 meeting. As far as ASMFC meetings

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Striped Bass Underwater

What to Watch for: ASMFC Spring Meeting

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASFMC) will gather in Arlington, Virginia this week for the 2024 Spring Meeting. As always, we are closely watching several of the Board and Committee meetings. While many important decisions on critical species were made in previous meetings, there are still a few things we

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Louisiana Menhaden Buffer NOI

ASGA submitted an official comment on the proposed Notice of Intent (NOI) for a new coastal buffer zone for menhaden operations off the coast of Louisiana. You can read the official comment below: RE: NOTICE OF INTENT Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Menhaden Season (LAC 76:VII.307) Thank

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Drone Pilot Documents Value of Menhaden

As many of you know, ASGA is currently supporting a campaign to drive thoughtful, productive comments to reform commercial menhaden gear usage in shallow water off the coast of Virginia. If you want to learn more about the specifics of that campaign, click here. Once you’ve got the full scoop,

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Call for Gear Reform in VA Menhaden Fishery

Feature Photo: Rex Messing of SIMMS Fishing An overdue community rally to reform gear usage for the menhaden reduction fishery gear in Virginia has hopes of protecting our coast from undue damage and preserving our resources. Read Our Formal Comments A key component of every large-scale fishery is using the

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Stripers, Reds, Albies, Menhaden & More.

Yeah, we are busy. It is times like this that you are grateful for the team you get to work with.  ASGA is firing on all cylinders.  This blog began as an afterthought.  We were going over timelines on various efforts and two questions arose. First, how the heck are we going to

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Louisiana Eyes Changes for the Menhaden Purse Seine Fishery

Photo: Benny Blanco and Kyle Schaefer with a LA Red   The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) is working towards some positive changes for the state’s menhaden purse seine fishery. A Notice of Intent (NOI) to develop new menhaden regulations was initiated in October 2022. A NOI is the

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Striped bass and recreational reform top the agenda By Capt. John McMurray The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission met via webinar last week (February 1-4) to discuss several important topics.  We’ll try and keep it simple here and focus on just the things anglers are likely to find most important. 

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Capt John McMurray   Menhaden and striped bass top the agenda The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission met last week to consider, amongst other things, several items relating to menhaden and striped bass. First, let’s cover menhaden as of course the two are related. Back in August, the Commission’s Menhaden

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