Initiate Addendum II

Striped Bass

Despite the ASMFC Striped Bass Board’s recent actions for rebuilding by 2029, we remain deeply concerned about the current outlook for the fishery. We must continue to prioritize conservation in management and on the water to secure the fishery’s rebuilding trajectory with heightened urgency due to the abysmal recruitment in the past five years.

A striped bass in the water held by the tail
Fisherman holding Striped Bass

The Future in Question

Louisiana redfish

When fishermen think about redfish, they think about Louisiana. The vast marshes and incredible culture provide an idyllic setting for catching the fish of a lifetime. Unfortunately, Louisiana’s redfish are now facing hard times. The numbers of adult redfish have fallen to levels not seen in decades and anglers are harvesting redfish at an unsustainable rate. The time is now to conserve this incredible resource.

Fisherman with Redfish

Cutting Edge Science

The Albie Project

Albies have a cult following throughout the Atlantic coast and much of the ASGA membership depends on them. There are hundreds of thousands of trips targeting false albacore annually but unfortunately, there is minimal management measures or scientific understanding for a species so important to coastal communities.  

Scientist Tagging False Albacore
Guide and Angler with False Albacore

Catch More fish with Data

The GotOne App

Developed by anglers, for anglers. GotOne is a mobile app designed to take your fishing to the next level.

Log your catches and use your data to catch more fish—all while supporting marine research.

GotOne Logo
Bluefish on the Fly
Fisherwoman Holding Albie

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