A collaborative community campaign to minimize the recreational angling footprint and reduce striped bass release mortality rates.

This voluntary program encourages anglers to make gear choices that give released striped bass the best chance for survival, per the best available science from the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

The local singles campaign.
Gear choices are commitment to the future of striped bass.



Anglers are encouraged to swap out the back hooks on their plugs to reduce damage on fish.

Starting July 18th, 2024, the Saltwater Edge in Middletown, Rhode Island will be offering special deals for conservation-minded anglers. This includes:


Turn in a batch of treble hooks and get entered for a custom art piece made entirely of “out of commission” trebles.

Every batch of ten (10) treble hooks taken out of commission will count as an entry towards the grand prize art piece. Each entry receives:


For almost 3 decades, we have been using the “Diodoti & Richards, Mortality of Striped Bass Hooked & Released in Saltwater, 1996” study as our baseline for release mortality. Now, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is heading towards the finish line of what will be the most comprehensive study on catch and release mortality ever done for the species. 

Double Trebles Do Damage.

Prelimary results from this research show that fishing with bait results in the greatest mortality for released striped bass due to gut hooking. For lures, double trebles do a great deal of physical damage to striped bass.  Two single hooks are next for overall mortality.  The predicted mortality for a treble/treble is 8.1%. For a single/single it is 4.4%.  However, removing one hook gets you to a mortality rate of about 3%, which is a dramatic decrease in striped bass release mortality.  


Opt for Single Hook Lures​

Every angler can have an immediate impact on their angling footprint by removing a single hook. Many striped bass anglers have expressed their strong desire to help this fishery. Making the decision to fish a single hook lure is one easy action to start reducing release mortality. If you still want to maximize your presentation, try replacing the back hooks with a “flag” (hookless bucktail) to draw predators attention. If you intend to release the fish, it is incumbent on the individual angler to make the right choices. This new science by Massachusetts DMF allows us to make informed choices based on the best available science. 


Hogy Lure Company was founded by Capt. Mike Hogan in 2004. Hogy’s innovation and commitment to quality in the following two decades have made the brand a household name for anglers along the east coast. Mike and his team have made a living and hundreds of core memories within the striped bass angling community. Mike recognized the drastic need for conservation efforts to protect the future of this coastwide fishery and made a brand-wide commitment to aligning his products with the best available science. You can learn more in the podast episode below:

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