An educated, unified voice

Committed to Science, Education & Advocacy.

The American Saltwater Guides Association (ASGA) was formed due to the lack of a unifying voice for fisheries conservation that prioritized resource-first management. Our model for driving positive change is simple but requires immense trust from our community. So, what does “S.E.A” really mean?


The foundation for progress:

Sound Fisheries Science

Accurate, high-quality data is imperative to making sound policy decisions prioritizing abundant, sustainable fisheries. When the fisheries management process stalls due to a lack of science to inform action, ASGA works to amplify researchers leading the charge and joins the frontlines to drive innovative research. For example, there are over 500,000 annual dedicated trips primarily targeting false albacore. Yet, there is minimal scientific understanding of the species and limited funding to execute research. ASGA broke through this barrier by raising funds and collaborating with the New England Aquarium and the local guide community. You can learn more about The Albie Project by clicking here. Sound science enables our community to foster effective, informed conversations leading to the best, data-driven outcomes for our shared natural resources.

The Albie Project represents the intersection of passionate anglers, cutting-edge science and precautionary fisheries management.




Fisheries problems are complex. To maximize the impact of passionate stakeholders—guides, business owners and angling enthusiasts alike—the ASGA empowers the community through transparent, grassroots outreach programs. ASGA has hosted Fisheries Science Symposiums in partnership with the Marine Biological Laboratory, “Road Show” events at community hubs and Film Nights at Threatres to connect with anglers on their turf. ASGA events are always buzzing with representatives from the recreational industry, local guides, scientists, fisheries managers, photographers and fish enthusiasts, all eager to learn and contribute to the conversation. Such gatherings strengthen the community and make the conservation-minded fishing community more confident and impactful. 

Education is the foundation for action.

Effective outreach empowers anglers with the best available science to minimize their impact on the water and maximize it as an advocate.




Strong fisheries management requires relentless advocacy. Empowered by sound science, the rapidly-growing ASGA community is respectful and educated, comfortable with their knowledge and confident in their voice. ASGA has become an integral partner with key committees on fishery issues. Our team has provided expert testimony both in person and in writing for legislative reform to ensure sustainable fisheries for generations to come. Our members flood meeting rooms and webinars for dozens of fish species. ASGA officers and employees have testified in both the House and the Senate for legislative reform – including ASGA Maine Board Member Capt. Kyle Schaefer, who was called to testify as a witness at the US Senate Budget Committee. Holding a unique position as a business owner on Maine’s coast and in the Bahamas, Capt. Schaefer sat amongst an esteemed panel and provided a first-hand account of the effects of a changing climate on ocean-based small businesses. The ASGA movement amplifies the will of the people through written comments, discourse in the digital commons, and fearless participation at in-person meetings.

Change can start anywhere: Senate chambers, Commission meetings, in tackle shops or on the docks.


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