ASGA Battles with Bigfoot Hunters & UFO Theorists

Written by Capt. Cody Rubner.

This is definitely the best blog title I have had the pleasure of writing for ASGA. It’s going to be really difficult to top going forward. I’m okay with that. We all peak at some point.

You’re probably curious where in ASGA’s journey to fight for marine resource abundance and opportunity for all did we trail off to take on paranormal activity conspiracy theorists and sasquatch hunters. Truthfully, we didn’t see this battle coming. You may think that we’re describing the NJ striped bass meetings. While comical, we are being quite literal: ASGA is competing with the likes of “Hillbilly Horror Stories,” “Bigfoot and Beyond,” and “Paranormal Portal.”

This race began two years ago during an ASGA work session strategizing on ways to continue to educate and empower the fishing community. The truth was (and this fact remains): it’s incredibly difficult to educate people about nuanced topics in a primarily digital, short-form world. How do we have thoughtful discussions and relay summaries of decades of work in the age of “shock-and-awe, 7-second TikToks with goofy audio”? No one in their right mind would want to see this collection of fish nerds executing choreographed dances, instead the team decided to start The Guide Post Podcast. The rest is history.

Over 100 episodes and approaching 100,000 lifetime downloads later, The Guide Post has become a powerful tool to update our audience on the latest fisheries happenings, amplify educated voices and debate just causes. The Guide Post is available on all major podcast platforms, most notably Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

ASGA’s anchor podcast found a home on the “Natural Sciences” list, where we have proudly sat amongst the ranks of “Top 100” and “Top 50” lists many times – including a quick stint in the “Top 10” (!). ASGA has never been an organization that settles. We’re constantly striving to produce a quality product for The Guide Post, but we acknowledge we may never hold the top spot on the podium for “Natural Sciences Podcasts” as we look across our stacked field of competition:

Explanations of the Universe and Sasquatch Chronicles?
Mysteries of Time and The Big Dinosaur Podcast?
Cannabis Cultivation and Paranormal Fears?

While we may have some qualms with the qualifications to be termed “natural sciences,” we can’t hate on this “diverse” lineup drawing significant attention from the masses. Admittedly, we haven’t tuned into most of them, but we have no doubts they are quite fun to listen to. We will keep hunting down compelling guests for The Guide Post while they hunt down Bigfoot. We’ll proudly stand tall as one of the top podcasts in the country when it comes to fisheries – and if that mythical sasquatch does exist, we guess he would also favor abundant oceans and thoughtful management.

Have a question you want answered, a topic you want to be discussed or a guest you think we should welcome to #TheGuidePost? Send them to our social media accounts or email them to us. If we answer them, you’ll win a free pair of Costa Sunglasses to further productive discussion.

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Header Photo Credit: Miriam Espacio 

Secondary Photo Credit: Darren Halstead 

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