Deadlines Approaching for Striped Bass Comments in Certain States

Please Take a Moment and Comment on These Proposed Regulation Changes

We urge you to submit comments immediately for striped bass regulation changes in Delaware, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Each issue is a little different. Let’s take a look at each specific state and the good and bad parts of the proposed changes.

Here’s our Massachusetts letter. We are very positive on the recreational limits. We have some concerns about extending the commercial season as well as the the potential conflicts with recreational anglers attempting to acquire commercial permits to harvest large fish. There are two meetings scheduled for tomorrow in Massachusetts. If you are unable to attend, please send your comments to, subject line “Striped Bass Comments” addressed to Acting Director Daniel McKiernan by 5PM, March 16th.

Delaware is also going with the proposed coast-wide limit with a short period to harvest smaller fish within certain boundaries. However, they are slipping in a proposed regulation change to allow anchored gill nets as well as an expanded range for the gill nets. The season would start January 1 and would most certainly impact the striped bass attempting to spawn in Delaware Bay. To comment, send an email to DNRECHearingcomments@delaware,gov. Our letter is posted below. You must submit comments by March 12!

Finally, Maryland has several proposals listed below. Our letter to MD is directly below the proposed regulations. 86% of respondents selected 1 fish @ 18″ for the Chesapeake Bay during the ASMFC process. That would be option 1 on this proposal. Please, fill out this form to respond by Midnight March 18.

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