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    1. Please be more specific about how to sign petition for enforcing Menhaden catch limits. Am not sure if posting a comment on this forum does the same thing. If it does, please consider this my signature of approval. Thank you!

      Chris Schissler
      Westminster, MD

    2. Corporations have to play by the same rules as all the other fisheries resource consumers. Stop Omega Protein now!

  1. Please put a stop to this travesty and enforce the restrictions on catch limits of Menhaden with legal action and severe fines.

  2. I fished the Chesapeake Bay for 50 years and have seen what overfishing can do to the various fisheries. Menhaden are a huge part of the health of the Bay and those fish species that live, breed, and feed there. Omega is not above the regulations and should be held accountable for their actions in disregarding compliance.

  3. Allowing a canadian company to blantantly disregard a quota in US waters with no repercussions would not only be a slap in the face for every fishermen, but an embarrassing display for America.

  4. If you want to talk about defending our borders – start with this one !!!

    This is like getting a signed letter from a burglar saying they are going to break into your home and steal everything. Then they do it in broad daylight and nobody does anything.

    Do the right things folks.

  5. I support the non-compliance finding and placing a moratorium on the fishery until Omega becomes compliant.

  6. Big fish eat little fish. Menhaden, Pogy, Bunker are the primary forage for many East Coast species. The full food chain needs to be protected. Additionally, not properly enforcing guidelines sends a signal to other commercial interests that the rules can be bent or broken without consequence.

  7. Menhaden are the primary and preferred food of many sport fish. They contribute to the health of the Chesapeake by filtering out algae and providing food for dozens of species of fish, birds, and whales,

  8. This practice must be stopped! This affects so many people and businesses throughout the US, and like others have said, menhaden are one of THE basics of the food chain. Every company must be made to comply, regardless of their nationality, etc.

  9. Count me in signing on to this letter. As charter and recreational captains we follow the regulations set forth by the various managing bodies. And if any of us violated those regs we would be fined, and rightly so. It’s absolutely amazing that Omega is simply flaunting the regs and quota. The negative impacts of this violation is so wide spread. What are the ramifications this multi-million $ company???

  10. Unfortunately the crime doesn’t match the punishment. For Omega and many other commercial endeavors in coastal states it’s just the cost of doing business. It’s way past the time to make a statement.

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