Striped Bass BS Bingo – Play Along!

After the last ASMFC public hearing for striped bass management emergency action, the team hopped on The Guide Post podcast to break down their experiences attending the series of digital meetings.

In this episode – EP#102 available on Spotify and iTunes – ASGA’s Tony Friedrich and Captain Cody Rubner tossed around a series of cliche talking points that seem to always rear their ugly heads during productive striper discussions. This prompted the two to break out a classic game developed by a member of the striped bass community who harbored the same sentiments. With his blessing, the ASGA team has developed a new set of Striped Bass Bullsh-t Bingo cards.

The set of cards features 24 of our “favorite” themes that often derail productive management conversation and a single free square for having the commitment and courage to tune in to a management meeting. We’ve scrambled the options into three cards to keep things interesting as we continue through the Emergency Action and Addendum II process.

Pick your option (A, B or C) and let us know on social before the next meeting! If you score a BINGO we may just send you some ASGA decals and goodies.


Striped Bass BS Bingo – CARD A

Striped Bass BS Bingo – CARD B

Striped Bass BS Bingo – CARD C

2 Responses

  1. This seems a rather superficial treatment of what some people “ know”

    Anecdotal ?

    Untrustworthy ?

    Biased ?

    I have never seen an organization stratify and relegate itself to obscurity so quickly

    I am 67, a licensed captain and for starters I joined TU when I was 14 with money earned doing farm work .

    I earned a degree from WPI Magna Cum Laude and was Camp Director of Massachusetts first YCC Camp at age 18… my degree was in Environmental Engineering with internships at AMC

    I don’t think I’ll be renewing

    Stewardship , like democracy , dies in darkness

    1. Hey Capt,
      If an attempt at humor that manifested itself in a repurposed Bingo game takes away from the years of hard work that we put into this, we can’t live up to your ideals and have no intention of trying. We suffered through around 12 hours of misinformed and disjointed comments this go around. Add that to decades of listening to these hearings with bullies directly attacking and threatening us and conservation, and you get a funny but true effort at a satirical take on a beloved board game. All we can say is don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We do appreciate your resume though.

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