Striped Bass Community Adamantly Opposes Commercial Quota Transfers

The people have spoken.

“Dear ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board,

Below are the public comment results for Addendum 1 as recorded at yesterday’s AP meeting.

The next move is yours.


The Striped Bass Community.”

Attend the ASMFC 2023 Winter Meeting to see how Striped Bass Managers respond to an overwhelming majority calling for no commercial quota transfers by clicking here. The Striped Bass Management Board will meet at 3:30 PM EST on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

2105 of the 2147 (98%) total public comments were in favor of Option A: Status Quo

5 Responses

  1. I have fished the same open beach area for the past 12 years, doing about 98% of my salt water fishing in Jamaica Bay NY and along the beaches of the Rockaway peninsula. I have loosely kept logs for the past 6 years. Our seasons are shortened over the past two years. The average size of the striped bass we catch is increasing for the past 4-5 years. The larger fish are increasing by count and the so called “rats” which are supposed to fill in the below slot to slot fish over the next 3 to 7 years are almost non existent. Don’t discount what is going on with the resource. My sample is over many fishing trips, hundreds of fish, almost every day and many times twice a day.

  2. If recreational fishing community wants to see a shift in attitude within the ASMFC toward a more productive east coast marine ecosystem the first step is to address the menhaden catastrophe. This single fisheries impacts the entire coast of the USA , from Nova Scotia to Florida. The Beaufort Model is still being used to “manage” this fishery. The model is massaged by a half dozen applied statisticians working for ASMFC / NMFC and the outcomes of the model can be adjusted at will to achieve the desired results. To fathom the model requires minimally , a master degree In applied statistics with an equal dose of computer coding skills. Leave it to say, that most all of the states voting representatives to ASMFC lack these skills and are at best picking options fed them by the statisticians. The commissioners never question the “ science “:behind the models managing these species because they can’t understand the models. Perfect .
    The management options are not based on science as the Beaufort Model is IRREPRODUCIBLE SCIENCE. THIS MEANS THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE VERIFICATION OF THE STOCKS CONDITION AND STOCK SIZE OUTSIDE OF THE BEAUFORT MODEL’s HYPOTHESIS . When a stock is disappearing before our eyes, they will foist excuses such as “ recruitment failure” to explain it away. That nasty weather is at it again. NMFS allowed our cod fishery to collapse with such nonsense.The recreational community has to realize that the Canadian commercial reduction fishery in Virginia has to be closed if you want to improve game fish stocks. Young of the year menhaden are required for a healthy and growing striped bass fishery as naive young the year striped bass need high calorie , easily obtained food sources. There is no fixing the ASMFC . It is a political l machine and nothing will change that regardless of how many comments you may muster. They will be ignored.

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